Life Insurance services

Life Insurance is a contract between a policyholder and Insurance Company. It is a contract done for protecting and safeguarding the life of the policyholder. It is a written contract based on the promise that a sum of amount (premium) will be payable to the insurer every month in exchange for a lump sum amount (policy claim) to be payable to the policyholder upon the death of the insurance holder. The insurance holder is the person whose name policy has been made.

At Hyde Park, our professional protection plan guarantees that you have the correct security plan set up. We are committed and focused on recognizing the right coverage for you, and guaranteeing that your arrangement addresses your needs. At ABC, we have a long time of experience to ensure the best quality services for you. Our specialists guarantee that each approach should meet your business requirements.

Advantages of life insurance

There are a number some major benefits when opting for Life Insurance. Life Insurance is the first investment that you should make when you’ve received your first salary. Why? This will inculcate the habit of investing money from the initial stage rather than spending the whole income and having no penny in the end.


Frequent asked questions

If you have a family who you look after then this is for you. Life insurance is like a savings which you make for your loved ones. After you die, the beneficiary can take up that money for survival. It is better to take life insurance as early as you can. This helps you in lowering the premium. By paying a low premium you can avail of the same facilities which the high premium payers avail. The agents at our company don’t collect any extra charges. Life insurance considers suicidal events as well. The terms and regulations for such events vary. If someone commits suicide, there are different criteria for it. You can read the policies and can find suitable insurance for yourself. You can easily get the coverage by filing a claim in our company.

Both children and adults can go for health insurance. The age limit for a child plan is 16 days to 18 years. An adult can enter into a health insurance plan up to the age of 70 years. Health insurance helps you in paying off the huge hospital bills. Not everyone can bear medical expenses. Generally, medically unfit people have to pay a high premium. Also, if you have smoking and drinking habits then you are bound to pay more. It is empirical that these habits will damage your body. The amount of premium you pay is determined based on various factors. These factors include your age, height, weight, health status, etc.  You can avail of an insurance plan through our online portal as well.

The amount of insurance coverage determines the premium. Even if you get late in paying the premium, a grace period is provided. But it shouldn’t become your habit. We don’t penalize you for late premium payments. The policy ceases if you don’t pay the premium of the term policy in the grace period. If you have made double payments then we refund the extra money. This process requires a considerable amount of time. No sooner did we refund the money, it reflects in your bank account instantaneously. 

Yes. The insurance underwriters need to know the amount of your income. This amount helps in determining a suitable insurance plan for you. You might choose a plan with high coverage. High coverage plans require high premiums. You might not have the potential to pay the premium amount. Insurance exists to secure your life and not to put you in danger. This is the reason why we ask about your family history. Calculation of the property and assets you own determines your net worth. We at Hyde Park Insurance make this evaluation process easy for you. You can meet almost all the financial obligations with an appropriate insurance plan.

Our service benefits

Easy to Process

The process followed by us is easy and convenient for our customers. After the completion of the procedure, we provide updates to our customers.

Easy to Pay

We have a flexible payment system. Payment from all types of credit cards are accepted.

Easy to cliam

The money can be claimed with ease. Everyone prefers the disruption-free claiming process.

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