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Auto insurance is an essential component of car ownership and operation, as it protects against financial losses resulting from accidents and other unexpected events. To legally and safely operate a car, individuals must have an auto insurance policy.

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Auto or Car Insurance Brokers in Burnaby, North And West Vancouver, New Westminster, BC assure that both the car and its contents are protected from unforeseen incidents. In addition to covering damages to the vehicle, auto or car insurance can also provide coverage for injuries sustained by drivers or passengers involved in an accident.

Types of Car Insurance Coverage

Liability Insurance

In Canada, liability insurance is mandatory for all drivers, but the minimum coverage amounts required vary by province. Liability insurance provides coverage for costs associated with property damage or injuries caused to others in the event of an accident. Additionally, it can protect drivers from costs related to lawsuits and legal defense if they are found liable for an accident.

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage typically covers damage to your car regardless of who is at fault, but it may not always cover medical expenses that may arise from the incident. Medical expenses may be covered by separate medical payment coverage or personal injury protection coverage. Additionally, collision coverage may also cover cases when vehicle damage is caused by hit-and-run incidents.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage provides protection for car damage resulting from incidents that occur outside of auto accidents, such as theft, fire, vandalism, and natural disasters. It can provide peace of mind to car owners, knowing that their vehicle is protected in the event of an unforeseen occurrence.

Accident Forgiveness

It allows drivers to be insured for a certain amount of time without increasing their premiums due to any accidents that may occur. Accident forgiveness also helps to ensure that drivers are not penalized if they are not first at-fault accident allowing them to maintain a good driving record and continue enjoying lower insurance rates. With accident forgiveness, drivers can feel more secure and confident when they get behind the wheel, knowing that if something unfortunate happens, their insurance ICBC Insurance Broker will still be there to help them out.

Save Money And Time With An Insurance Broker

Undoubtedly, you can go and buy the best auto or car insurance policy according to your needs but getting it done through an ICBC Insurance Broker means you can save time and money.

Hiring local auto or car insurance brokers in Burnaby, North and West Vancouver, New Westminster, BC can benefit you as a knowledgeable resource i.e. you can get the best of icbc autoplan insurance coverage.

Whatever your auto insurance needs are, we have you covered.


Frequent asked questions

If you have a family who you look after then this is for you. Life insurance is like a savings which you make for your loved ones. After you die, the beneficiary can take up that money for survival. It is better to take life insurance as early as you can. This helps you in lowering the premium. By paying a low premium you can avail of the same facilities which the high premium payers avail. The agents at our company don’t collect any extra charges. Life insurance considers suicidal events as well. The terms and regulations for such events vary. If someone commits suicide, there are different criteria for it. You can read the policies and can find suitable insurance for yourself. You can easily get the coverage by filing a claim in our company.

Both children and adults can go for health insurance. The age limit for a child plan is 16 days to 18 years. An adult can enter into a health insurance plan up to the age of 70 years. Health insurance helps you in paying off the huge hospital bills. Not everyone can bear medical expenses. Generally, medically unfit people have to pay a high premium. Also, if you have smoking and drinking habits then you are bound to pay more. It is empirical that these habits will damage your body. The amount of premium you pay is determined based on various factors. These factors include your age, height, weight, health status, etc.  You can avail of an insurance plan through our online portal as well.

The amount of insurance coverage determines the premium. Even if you get late in paying the premium, a grace period is provided. But it shouldn’t become your habit. We don’t penalize you for late premium payments. The policy ceases if you don’t pay the premium of the term policy in the grace period. If you have made double payments then we refund the extra money. This process requires a considerable amount of time. No sooner did we refund the money, it reflects in your bank account instantaneously. 

Yes. The insurance underwriters need to know the amount of your income. This amount helps in determining a suitable insurance plan for you. You might choose a plan with high coverage. High coverage plans require high premiums. You might not have the potential to pay the premium amount. Insurance exists to secure your life and not to put you in danger. This is the reason why we ask about your family history. Calculation of the property and assets you own determines your net worth. We at Hyde Park Insurance make this evaluation process easy for you. You can meet almost all the financial obligations with an appropriate insurance plan.

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